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Prevent a node from layout rearranging

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I'm looking for a way to create some kind of a title to a document (or graph). Within FAQ I read that there is no native way for that.

Therefore I tried to put my document title within a rectangular shape node with invisible border and background. Additionally I've formatted the multiline text using html and have located the node at the upper left corner of the document. So far so good.

But every time I use the layout feature, this 'title' node is rearranged as well and located somewhere on the graph.

Is there any way to prevent a node from layouting?
I think of a property like 'fixed location' or 'don't move node'. A node with this property set wouldn't be moved during layouting and all other nodes (with this property not set) would arranged around this 'fixed' node.
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Well, you can try to use "Layout" -> "Selection (Partial)" to exclude your title node from rearrangement. For all the other layout algorithms, you will have to temporarily remove your tilte node from the graph (or create it after rearranging your graph in the first place).

by [yWorks] (146k points)
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