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How to fix one or more node the the canavas

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When creating flowcharts there is (often ) one start node and one or a few terminating nodes.

To get it well arranged it would be nice to have the start on top of the canavs and all terminaters on the bottom. But unfortunately yEd wil move the nodes on doing a layout  somewhere on canavas.

One workaound is the use of one invisible nodes and connect all terminaters by a "invisible" (some color near background)  line to this one. So yEd tries to move the terminators to the bottom.
But one have to rember this extra node and the look is still not perfect.

So it wold be a improvemt if one can fix a node at a place and/or set some property like "attach to <place>" where place is TOP|BOTTOM|LEFT|RIGHT ...

Just an idea :-)

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1 Answer

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You can try the following approach. Start by arranging your diagram with "Layout" -> "Flowchart". Then manually move nodes whose positions you do not like to better places. You do not need to place them pixel perfect, just in the rough vicinity of a good position. Then run "Layout" -> "Hierarchical" with option "Use Drawing As Sketch" activated. Maybe you need to set strong port constraint before the hierarchical layout run as well to keep the original edge connection points. Port constraints may be specified using "Tools" -> "Constraints" -> "Port Constraints".
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ThanX for answering.
I will give it a try :-)
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