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Excel-like formulas in labels

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Make possibe to set ID of element(ex. "CarCost") and set linked formulas to another element like "=CarCost+10" like in Excel/Google docs

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What a brilliant idea.  As I see it, each node/element would require an ID or node-number (it probably has this already, though hidden).  This should be revealed in the Data section.  Also, in the Data section there should be a 'Value' field, which looks like a spreadsheet cell, and contains a value or a calculation, and a format.  The General->Text field should be able to reference any node's Value field (including its own), using a spreadsheet-like reference.  For example, say, node 125 has in its Value field: SUM(#101,#103,#107) - and in its Text field: "Given #101, #103 and #107, the total is #125".  Hidden (non-visible) nodes could be used for intermediate calculations.  I got some ideas from a similar implementation in Javascript - see jazzyforms-dot-com

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