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Duplicating Nodes with EdgeOpposite:Dynamic is buggy

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I have a node with Label Placement "Edge Opposite: Dynamic"  It is connected to other nodes.

When I duplicate this node ([CTRL]-D) I get a new node which also has Label Placement "Edge Opposite: Dynamic", but this new node behaves as if it had Label Placement "Internal: Center"

This seems to be a bug.

I work around the problem by changing the actual Placement to "Free: Anywhere" and then changing it back to "Edge Opposite: Dynamic"

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2 Answers

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Thank you very much for bringing this shortcoming to our attention. We will fix this problem for the next version of yEd.
by [yWorks] (160k points)
Still not fixed in
This shortcoming has been fixed for yEd version 3.19.1 and works as intended in yEd version as well.

If you think that is not the case, provide a step-by-step description for reproducing incorrect behavior.
First, thank you so much for your attention!

Second, you are correct that the issue (as I described it) is fixed!

Third, there is a related bug, and I hastily conflated the two.

The steps to reproduce the (new) problem are thus:

 1. Launch yEd
 2. Drag Ellipse from Shape Nodes to canvas
 3. Edit properties
    a. set Placement = Edge Opposite: Dynamic
    b. set Text = Foo
NOTE: Foo appears inside the ellipse (as expected)

 4. Select the Ellipse
 5. ^C copy
 6. ^P paste
 7. Edit properties
    a. Change Text from Foo to Bar
    b. NOTE: Placement is Edge Opposite: Dynamic
NOTE: Bar appears inside the ellipse (as expected)

 8. drag a connector from Foo to Bar
NOTE: The Foo label has popped outside the ellipse (as expected)
NOTE: The Bar label remains inside the ellipse (the bug)


 9. Select the Bar ellipse
10. ^D duplicate

NOTE: A new ellipse appears (Bar'), connected to Foo
NOTE: The Bar' label appears outside the ellipse (your recent fix)
Thank you very much for the additional details. We will fix this problem for the next version of yEd.
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This error has been fixed as of yEd 3.19.1.
by [yWorks] (160k points)
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