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Visual properties of group template lost when importing excel

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I have created and defined defaults for nodes, edges, open groups and closed groups in a custom palette. To be clear, I have explicitly set them by double-clicking each.

I have also defined further edge and node configurations using the properties mapper.

I then import an excel sheet.

In the presentation tab:

- When using 'Selected template from palette', my nodes, groups and edges are according to my defined defaults. I can then apply the properties mapper to further configure the flow chart elements.

But I think it should be possible to do this all in one go? This would be very convenient.

- When ticking 'Use configuration', nodes and edges are imported according to my defaults, but the group nodes are not (e.g. different default label placement, different default colors). Further visual properties are correctly mapped for all elements according to the configuration.

Is this a bug, or am I overlooking something? I would expect that also when using a configuration upon import, the template of the group is according to the palette (not just the template of the node and edge).

Otherwise great tool!

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