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can yed draw uml deployment diagram?

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can yed draw uml deployment diagram?  for example


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Thank you, Thomas. the sample graph is just what I wanted.

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Yes, you can draw such diagrams in yEd. However, there is no layout algorithm in yEd to automatically arrange such diagrams - i.e. you have to place nodes and edges manually (which is thanks to snap lines not difficult to do).

Sample graph.

by [yWorks] (146k points)
If you click on thomas.behr's sample graph, you can see in the Properties view that
* the yellow squares with text inside is from Flowchart.
* the ports are additional labels, where the label icon has been set to a yellow rectangle.

It would be great if these were part of the UML palette by default.

If not, it would be great if someone could create a complete UML pallete and export them for us to import.

In the mean time, open the Sample graph, copy the bits you need and paste into your own diagram.
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