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can yed draw uml deployment diagram?

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can yed draw uml deployment diagram?  for example


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Thank you, Thomas. the sample graph is just what I wanted.

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Yes, you can draw such diagrams in yEd. However, there is no layout algorithm in yEd to automatically arrange such diagrams - i.e. you have to place nodes and edges manually (which is thanks to snap lines not difficult to do).

Sample graph.

by [yWorks] (161k points)
If you click on thomas.behr's sample graph, you can see in the Properties view that
* the yellow squares with text inside is from Flowchart.
* the ports are additional labels, where the label icon has been set to a yellow rectangle.

It would be great if these were part of the UML palette by default.

If not, it would be great if someone could create a complete UML pallete and export them for us to import.

In the mean time, open the Sample graph, copy the bits you need and paste into your own diagram.
I love this component sample diagram, however I want to change the color from orange to white (for better black&white printing). I can change the large rect from orange to white by changing the color to #ffffff, but how to change the two small component-rect-icons? These are icons and not yed-rect-body. Any suggestions? Thanks.
The small component-rect-icons are labels that were created with yEd's "Convert to Label" action. To edit these labels (e.g. to change their color), you need to

Select the icon label you want to edit. Use CTRL+left click for that. (CTRL+left click cycles the selection through all elements at the mouse location.)

Right-click the selected label to open the label context menu.

Choose "Convert to Node".

Change "Fill Color" as required in the properties view in yEd's lower right corner.

Ensure the modified node overlaps only one other node.

Right-click the modified node to open its context menu.

Choose "Convert to Label".

Move the new label to the desired location.

There is one cave-at when converting nodes to labels: "Convert to Label" is not available if a node overlaps multiple nodes. This is the case for the icon labels in the sample graph, because the component nodes are inside group nodes. Thus steps 5 and 8 above are necessary.
As an alternative to steps 5 and 8, you could move the component nodes out of their parent groups before editing the icon labels.
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