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Text on yEd menu glitched

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Tried to reinstall a jre-included version, same problem, any suggestions?

Edit: By starting yEd by this command below:

java -Dyed.laf=crossplatform -jar yed.jar

I've got some more glitches



The only customization I've done in my computer is Wallpaper Engine installed a year ago, but I don't have any problem before this month. So I assume that's not the cause. The only possible cause I could remember is that I've installed AdoptOpenJDK recently and accidently added it into PATH variable. (But no "OpenJDK warning" poped out so I'm sure that I open yEd with Oracle's JRE)

There's tons of so-called "Reverting Windows display settings", some are resetting resolutions, colors, display adapters, etc. And some are checking system's integrity. I've got no idea of which of them should I do.

Edit 2:

Today I've found something interesting that might help debugging. If I hover on a node which contains some text in it, there's a prompt poping out with a "glitched text" correspoding to its content.


So I test some text in the order of ASCII (0x20~0xFF)


So the glitched text is more like a caeser chiper with a shift of 3, e.g. File -> Cfib. I can somehow read them now lol.

I guess this is something to do with text Encoding. The codepage of my Windows is 936 in case you need it.

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2 Answers

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Am I right in assuming that you are either using a Windows theme or otherwise have heavily customized Windows' default display settings? It seems like Java's Windows Look and Feel cannot these customizations. You could try to switch from the Windows Look and Feel to yEd' cross-platform Look and Feel as explained in Is it possible to switch to the cross-platform Java look-and-feel? The only other solution I can think of is reverting your Windows display settings ...

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The fact that even more text is scrambled with yEd's cross-platform Look and Feel is very surprising. However, this means that my initial assumption of this being a Look and Feel issue was wrong. It seems like Java cannot cope with some of your Windows settings. May I ask:

  • What version of Windows exactly are you using?
  • What is the default locale of your operating system?
  • Do you have some very specific Windows font settings?
  • Are you using some kind of desktop theme?
  • What version of yEd are you using (see "Help" -> "About")?
  • What version of Java is yEd running on (see "Help" -> "About")?


* System version: Windows 10 Home Edition 1803 17134.885
* Default locale: zh-CN
* Specific Windows font settings: No settings or programs installed have related with fonts
* Desktop theme: Wallpaper Engine (Steam Version) enabled with a theme
* yEd version: 3.19
* JRE version: 11.0.2 (Oracle's OpenJDK)
Thank you very much for the additional information - including the information from your second edit above.

We also noticed the "shift 3" in your screenshots. However, it also seems like the distance between the individual characters is still calculated for the original characters instead of the actually displayed characters (e.g. the 'f' in "Cfib" should not be as close to the 'C' as it is in your screenshot). So, there is definitely something very strange happening here.

That said, aside from the yEd installer with embedded Java 11, there is also an installer with embedded Java 8. If you uninstall yEd and install the Java 8 version, is the text still wrong?
I download it from https://www.yworks.com/resources/yed/demo/yEd-3.19_with-JRE8_64-bit_setup.exe , it behaves the same as before (as well as the cross-platform one). JRE version is 1.8.0_192.
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I ran into exactly the same problem.  I manually installed the latest JRE (1.8 something).  I figured out how to change the language to English based on the online manual.

For the yEd shortcut I changed it to:

"C:\Program Files\yWorks\yEd\yEd.exe" -Dyed.laf=crossplatform

And that still didn't work.  Rebooted, and that fixed things.

I removed the crossplatform switch, and that didn't appear to have any negative affect.  I'm still able to run yEd.

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