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yEd on Linux extremely slow

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I'm trying to use yEd 3.19 on Debian Linux with Java 11.0.2 included in the installer. But editing a large graph is really slow. How can I increase the performance?

Some data About:

Version 3.19 Powered by the yFiles Graph Visualization Library http://www.yWorks.com Copyright 2000-2019 yWorks GmbH. All Rights Reserved.  Java Version: 11.0.2 Java VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM, Oracle Corporation

Memory usage: 230MB / 1.9GB

If another data is needed please contact me. Thanks.
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For large graphs, the performance bottleneck is usually rendering. To improve rendering speed, you can try to use simple shapes (i.e. rectangles only) and display as little text as possible (text rendering is horrendously slow). With regards to the latter point, yEd offers a feature called "Paint Details Threshold" (see "File" -> "Preferences", tab "Display"). If you increase the value of the threshold to something close to 1.0, then text will only be shown at fairly large zoom levels (which implies few visible elements) and will not affect rendering performance as much.

Can you quantify "large graph"? How many nodes and edges are there in your graph?
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Try to turn off the antialiasing function in File -> Preferences -> Display -> Antialiasing.

After clicking apply there was an immediate difference for me without changing any other settings.
This worked for me too.
But the image quality is very bad on Ubuntu.
Perhaps there is something I can configure in the OS to get it back?
yes this speed thins up a great deal from me
Version 3.19
Java Version: 11.0.2
Java VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM, Oracle Corporation
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Same problem here on Ubuntu 18.04 on 4K screen.

When grid is enabled, yEd is far too slow when its window is fullscreen or using 1/4 of the screen.

I confirm that with antialiasing off everything is fine, even fullscreen!
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