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yED LIVE - structure view is present?

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Hi guys

again about the differences between the desktop version and the live version

Is the structure view  present in the LIVE version of yED?

if not, is there any plans to develop it in the future?
it is quite convenient for label editing, although the double click does not work and only the F2 key should be used.


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the structure view is currently not available in yEd Live. We have no concrete roadmap for this feature, but I'm quite positive this will be a future improvement. Your request certainly raised the priority.
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The structure view is useful both to reach elements in a large graph and as an "editor" of the labels.
In case you want to translate the labels into different languages the structure view is a fairly quick solution.
In this regard, I tried unsuccessfully to adopt the suggestion of the following Topic:

it would be much more intuitive to use the double click, together with the F2 key, to modify the text ... both in the graphic area and in the "Structure View" ;-)
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