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Navigation Mode Evolution?

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I have been using yEd for a long time, I consider it a good product for my simple needs

Unfortunately, I always thought yEd had a small Achilles' heel: the flowchart navigation.

I would consider it easier to edit a flowchart if you used zoom and motion management as in several graphics software:

!) the movement of the wheel of the mause which leads to moving the sheet up and down;

2) the same movement, associated with pressing the left Ctrl key, which leads to a Zoom-In zoom-out;

3) always the movement of the wheel by simultaneously pressing the left shift key to move the sheet to the right or left.
asked Mar 11 in Feature Requests by ameba (220 points)
edited Mar 11 by ameba

1 Answer

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I think yEd already supports the desired mouse wheel behavior. See "File" -> "Preferences", tab "General", option "Mouse Wheel Behavior". This option can be set to "[Wheel] Up/Down, [Shift+Wheel] Left/Right, [Ctrl+Wheel] In/Out".
answered Mar 11 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (126,540 points)
You're right, thank you!
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