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Missing NODES in Predecessors window

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I'm trying to separete subgraph for predecessors and found out, that there are some NODES missing in predecessors window. I've read, that there can be missing some edges due to optimization, but I'm missing nodes.

I'm sending screens with explanation, what is missing.

My settings: https://i.ibb.co/fvJnrcY/YED-settings.png

First of all, I created subgraph for F_STATUS_M_ALL and converted it as separate document: https://i.ibb.co/dkkg4cD/YED-predec.png

Converted from window to separate graph: https://i.ibb.co/yF4cBwn/YED-subgraph.png

As you can see in red circle, there's blue Subquery_knvp with no yellow predecessor. Problem is, that there IS yellow predecessor in original graph. When I select Subquery_knvp in original graph, you can see it. Proof: https://i.ibb.co/BqTnzTd/YED-knvp.png

So problem is, that I don't see predecessors correctly and don't know when I can rely on subgraphs.

If this is in any way I'm missing intention, please tell me how to make reliable subgraph of predecessors for some node.


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According to your "separate graph" https://i.ibb.co/yF4cBwn/YED-subgraph.png, the yellow "KNVP" predecessor does not seem to be missing, but seems to lie right in the middle of the diagram.
You can check this very easily by changing the color of the yellow "KNVP" predecessor to a color that is not yet used for any other node (e.g. red in your case). After changing the color, select the original nodes for which you want to see predecessors once again. You will see that the predecessors view does contain the red node (just not at the position you were expecting the "KNVP" predecessor).

I guess the KNVP node is the predecessor of several nodes in your original diagram. However, in the predecessor context view, a node is always shown as predecessor of only one other node. More precisely, for any predecessor p of a selected node s, only the shortest path from p to s is shown in the context view.

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Complete graph of predecessors
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