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Can I create a flatpak for Linux users?

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I love yEd, and use it often when I need to sketch a diagram quickly for my boss. I'm wondering if I can have permission to create a flatpak to make it easier to install on Linux desktop machines.

Being that it's a Java based software, it would not be difficult and then you'd also be able to mention the Linux package that make it much easier to manage.
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1 Answer

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Thank you very much for this idea of packaging yEd for the Linux desktop. We cannot grant you permission to create such a package, however, but will look into this option ourselves for a future version of yEd with additional Linux installers.
by [yWorks] (23.7k points)
What is the status of the creation of a Flat Package? Can this be expected in the near future?
Creating a Flatpak package is still on our list of possible improvements, but it is not planned for the near future.
maybe someone can help with this ?

You are not allowed to redistribute yEd (see the yEd Software License Agreement). Thus it does not really make sense for anyone other than yWorks to create Flatpak packages.

any update on flatpak yet?
Unfortunately, there are currently no plans for creating Flatpak packages for yEd.
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