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Selecting elements repeatedly in more than one sessions fails

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I spotted this bug in but realised that it persists in 3.18.2 after upgrading to the latest version.

The steps to reproduce it are as follows:

1. Open a graph, map some properties, lay it out

2. Try to select some elements via Tools->Select Elements

3. Turn the selected elements to a group via Grouping->Group

4. Close the file

5. Go to 1. This time, element selection of step 2 fails. No element is selected and you have to restart yEd to be able to re-group.


Am I doing something backwards or could this be a bug in yEd?


All the best




Thank you for your response. What I omitted to mention previously was that I discovered this while working with `graphml` files.

In any case, here is a sample file and here is the (almost auto-generated) property mapping.

The first time you go around the process of load file -> map properties -> search, everything works fine, but if you close the file and open it again (**without** restarting yEd), search does not appear to be working (the nodes do not get marked up and it does not seem to be just a point of updating the gui because if you try to group regardless, the group is empty).

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This might be a bug. However, I was not able to reproduce the problem with the given description.

Can you provide a sample GraphML file (see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for information on uploading files), the properties mapper configuration (export from properties mapper, then upload here), and the search criteria you are using? Otherwise I do not think we will be able to reproduce let alone investigate this issue.

Thank you very much for your effort.

Hello Thomas, thank you for letting me know, please see updated question.
All the best

Thank you very much for the additional information.

However, I am still not able to reproduce any problem.

This is what I did:

  1. Started yEd and relaced my existing properties mapper configurations with the one in bg_inspect.cnfx. Then I quit yEd again.
  2. Started yEd.
  3. Opened bug_inspection.graphml.
  4. Executed your node_conf_bug_inspect configuration.
  5. Opened "Tools" -> "Select Elements" and changed the "Nodes" settings as follows:
    "Select" to "Label"
    "Text" to "0"
    "Match Text" to "Prefix"
  6. Clicked "Ok".
    The first node in the graph (labeled "0ZOMZG2E34D3") got selected.
  7. Used "Grouping" -> "Group".
  8. Closed the modified graph without saving.
  9. Repeated steps 3 to 6.
    Again, the first node in the graph (labeled "0ZOMZG2E34D3") got selected.

This is the intended behavior.

Can you please follow these steps exactly?

1. Start yEd
2. Open provided graphml file
3. Run provided node mapping
4. Tools/Select Elements, Tab: Nodes(Select: Data Property, Data Property: some_field, Text: "33MOG1H8ND1B", Match text: Complete, Case Sensitive: True)

5. Notice "Structure View", a set of nodes are marked and selected

6. Close File without saving. !!!DO NOT restart yEd!!!
7. Open provided graphml file
8. Run provided node mapping
9. Repeat exact same search

10. Notice "Structure View" now. No nodes are selected.

If you repeat the exact same steps but substitute !!!DO NOT restart!!! with !!!DO restart!!!, the repeat selection works as expected.
Again, thank you very much for the additional information. With it I was finally able to reproduce the problem. It turned out to be a problem specific to using custom properties as search criterion. We will fix this for the next version of yEd.

Thank you once again for your help and effort.
No worries, I am glad if this is helpful, yEd is a very useful tool.

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This error has been fixed as of yEd 3.19.

by [yWorks] (161k points)
That's great, thank you very much for letting me know.
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