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Matrix-like node

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In yEd graph editor it would be nice to have a matrix-like node with the following behaviour (see the attached picture):

  1. Matrix cells have individual connection points like ordinary rectangles do.
  2. Cells have configurable unified background and border styles and padding sizes.
  3. Cells must not be moved inside the node during the layout process.
  4. The number of rows and columns is configurable.
  5. The node itself has connection points like ordinary rectangle does.
  6. The node itself has configurable background and border styles and padding sizes.

Currently the closest one can get to this behaviour is with groups (like in the picture) but the problem is that after layout process all the nodes in groups lose their relative positions.

Creating custom labels by converting nodes to labels and attaching them to some root node won't do since the converted nodes lose their connection points.


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