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Hierarchy chart where node level is based on attribute

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I have a large dataset of a about 1000 people from different companies to show as nodes and each node has a designation... Like manager, CEO, Submanager.... over 20 different hierarchical levels from level 1 to level 23, and they have directed edges showing who is the node's boss. There are different top level nodes, and some hirarchies with the most senior member at something like level 7 or 8, and sometimes a level 12 employee would be directly under a level 7 employee skipping a few levels, there are also a couple 2 node pairs with two nodes of different levels with an edge between them and no other connections. All nodes have an attribute showing their level and no node has an edge showing someone with a lower level is their boss.

I want to make a Heirarchy chart where the levels of the heirarchy are the levels of the employees, how do I go about doing this?
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You can try the following approach:

  1. Run "Layout" -> "Hierarchic" with default settings.
  2. Create a properties mapper configuration that maps your levels to y coordinates (e.g. using "Linear Scaling").
  3. Run "Layout" -> "Hierarchic" again but this time activate option "Use Drawing As Sketch" on tab "General" of the hierarchic layout settings.
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