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Bug in edge layout?

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I have the following graph (source):

I then do: Layout | Edge routing | Orthogonal Bus-style and select as Bus membership: defined by color.

This is what I get (source):

with the strange edge on the bottom right going downward. From this, I can go back to the original layout with: Layout | Edge routing | Organic.

I am using yEd 3.9.2. And BTW, I *really* like it :-)

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2 Answers

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Hi marco.m, thanks for your detailed description and the example files. I was able to reproduce the error and created a bug report in our internal issue tracker.

It seems that the algorithm tries to connect the right black edge to the reminder of the black bus but mixes up the coordinates and places the bend below the target node instead of to the left.
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Hey michael, I think you can guess that we are colleagues and that I get my share of useless, time-consuming bug reports :-)
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Fixed as of yEd 3.11.1.
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Thomas, thanks. I confirm 3.11.1 works for me :-)
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