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Documentation illustrations

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Could you add pictures/illustrations to the documentation so it is easy to see what the text means and how different properties will change the layout of a graph?
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Thank you for your suggestion. Which parts of the yEd manual specifically did you have in mind?
The illustrations could be added in many places ... too many to list here.

For example:
Node-to-Node distance -> show two examples nodes and the distance (grey lines that show up when placing nodes.

Stacked Style -> picture of what a stack looks like

Use sketch for lane order -> show illustration of enabled and not enabled

etc etc.

I recognize that this is a huge undertaking but it would really help people learn to use the program quicker and hopefully stick with the program.  It can get very frustrating when you don't know what an option will do before you try it.  And if you don't get the result you expect, you try a few more then give up.
I agree. This is what I am addressing in the new manual I am preparing.

But halfway through, I am wondering if making small videos would be better (less effort to make, and less effort to understand). And I can make the videos in multiple languages too (thanks to TTS engines).

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