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All keys defined for a node are displayed in the "properties data" even if node has no attributes

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If I have a grapmml file with all the "keys" declared for the attributes and I then create a node with no data when I import to yed and look at the "properties -> data" for the node I see a list of all possible attributes.

In my case I have 100 or so attributes so this list is huge but only a few are set and I have to scroll through them

Is there a way for yEd to only show the attributes that are set on the node rather than all possible values ? Or is there a way in graphml to scope the keys to only the related node ?

This graphml file when I load it I see that node n4 and n5 still show color as the data even though it's not set.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<graphml xmlns="http://graphml.graphdrawing.org/xmlns"  
  <key id="d0" for="node" attr.name="color" attr.type="string">
  <key id="d1" for="edge" attr.name="weight" attr.type="double"/>
  <graph id="G" edgedefault="undirected">
    <node id="n0">
      <data key="d0">green</data>
    <node id="n1"/>
    <node id="n2">
      <data key="d0">blue</data>
    <node id="n3">
      <data key="d0">red</data>
    <node id="n4"/>
    <node id="n5">
    <edge id="e0" source="n0" target="n2">
      <data key="d1">1.0</data>
    <edge id="e1" source="n0" target="n1">
      <data key="d1">1.0</data>
    <edge id="e2" source="n1" target="n3">
      <data key="d1">2.0</data>
    <edge id="e3" source="n3" target="n2"/>
    <edge id="e4" source="n2" target="n4"/>
    <edge id="e5" source="n3" target="n5"/>
    <edge id="e6" source="n5" target="n4">
      <data key="d1">1.1</data>
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1 Answer

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Unfortunately it is not possible to hide properties without values in yEd. (Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a property without value - if you did not explicitly specify a value, the property value is the corresponding default value.)

Neither is it possible to scope keys to a subset of nodes (or edges) in GraphML.
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