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BUG: Palette is not properly scorrallble

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version: 3.18.1

If more than one palettes are open or even if one palette is open but it is too long to fit into the palette window (like BPMN) if I am scrolling to the end it jumps back instantly to the middle of the total height of the open palettes (or something similar as I could not figure out exactly). It does not matter which icon is selected.

Please investigate and fix. I can make screen capture if needed.
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Thank you very much for your error report.

This has been reported a few times before but we have not yet been able to find a way to reliably reproduce the problem. Moreover, the problem is usually gone after restarting yEd.

May I ask if the problem is reproducible for you? If so, can you give step-by-step instructions to do so? Additionally, it would help us to know on which operating system you are running yEd and which version of Java you are using (see "Help" -> "About" for the latter piece of information).

Finally, let me thank you for offering to produce a screen cast/capture. This will only help if you can demonstrate a reproducible way to trigger the palette problem in your screen cast, though. (We already know how the problem manifests - unfortunately, that does not help with reproducing it.)
Interesting. Looks to be a transient issue. I will keep an eye on it and will try to find a way to reproduce if it appears again. Thank you anyway.

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