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How to set edge label placement in "yED LIVE" ?

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I using yED Live with Hierarchic layout. When i add label i would like to place above the arrow. 




My goal: 


I can free placement the label above but if i apply layout my label is reset on arrow.

How to apply a layout with label placement above arrow ?

I saw "Edge Label Placement Demo" and i doesn't find the same options to place a label in yed Live

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1 Answer

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yEd Live does currently not offer specific configurations regarding the label placement, although the automatic layout could be configured regarding this aspect (as you've mentioned).

However, you can try to use the 'Generic' labeling approach which places the label considering its current placement setting: 'Layout' -> 'Hierarchic' ->  'Edge Labeling' -> 'Generic' option which may help in your case.
by [yWorks] (1.3k points)
Label Placement in automatic layout
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