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Where does the OS X installer install to?

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I downloaded the OS X installer of yEd, mounted the DMG, ran the installer, chose to not have a desktop shortcut (who in their right mind uses that on OS X?) and the installer completed. Now what? I can't find the application anywhere, but clearly something was installed.
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I see two possibilities here. You could use Spotlight and search for "yEd", which should be of type "Application", or you could just start the installer a second time and only run it to the point where it presents you with the intended installation location. (My guess would be that that's also the location where you originally installed yEd.)


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Wow... Spotlight found yEd.app while Alfred didn't, even though it's supposedly querying Spotlights database.

But here comes the weird part... It installed under /Users/Shared  :o That just sounds terrible.
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