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Export the diagram as a searchable pdf file

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I exported a diagram as pdf, in which there are about 100 nodes, each having 3 labels.

While it looks beautiful even at high zoom levels (no jagged edges), it does not allow me to search inside the text.

Secondly, I cannot highlight some text and copy it on clipboard.

A diagram is a logical expression, and therefore just its visual exploration is not enough. Often we have to start with a node that has a specific keyword, and follow the flow.

We may also have to highlight ALL the nodes that have the specific keyword.

Is this possible?
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1 Answer

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In the PDF Export dialog, select the PDF tab and ensure that the Text Rendering Policy is set to Plain Text or Plain Text with embedded Fonts, and not Vectorized Text.
I tried that, and it works beautifully.

Thanks a lot!
It seemed to work well initially, but only later did I find a bug in the ER node: When this node has multiple labels, only the labels in the top compartments are readable/editable. The label in the bottom partition are not readable.

Because of this, I have removed "Best answer" status from this.
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