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Composite node

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I'd love to be able to create a node composed of other existing nodes so that the resulting shape is static but the composants are still adressables individually with arrows by example
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1 Answer

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Let us know if this is not what you want.

I added the five symbols on the left, drew a marquee around them, right-clicked and selected Group.

I then added the six symbols on the right, drew a marquee, right-clicked and selected Group.

I verified that I could drag the group and the symbols within the group stayed static relative to each other.

Then I drew all the arrows.

Groups Components with Edges

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I've already tried this but what I would have is a new node formed by an aggregate of other nodes. Each part node still reachable by an edge but the resulting node able to be manipulated as a whole

Perhaps by allowing extra labels in a node to be a destination of an edge ?

Sorry for my bad english
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