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Palette scrolling gets stuck

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I have recently installed yEd on OSX High Sierra.  When I open yEd, the palette scrolls fine (I'm scrolling with my laptop's trackpad, which is inverted).  Once I've selected an item from the palette and dragged it into the main portion of the editor, it seems that the scrolling within the palette stops working correctly.  When I try to scroll, it keeps resetting the vertical scroll position of the palette.  When this happens, I can also try to scroll with the scroll bar, with the same results.  This seems to go away when I restart yEd or close/ reopen the palette.  Please help!
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Which version of yEd are you using?

We have encountered this problem sporadically with older versions of yEd (3.14.x and before if I remember correctly), but we were not able to reliably reproduce the problem.
I just installed yEd version 3.17.1 on my macBookPro running High Sierra 10.13.1 and have the same issue. It seems to work fine at first but if I open multiple Palettes in the side bar it gets to the point where it will not allow scrolling and simply "jumps" to the top.

I have been forced to close other palettes and even then, if the palette is too long to fit on the screen the only option I could figure out was to change the width of the side view to be wide enough that it doesn't require scrolling. I was hoping that changing the size would allow the scrolling to work again (by resetting something) but it did not. Resizing back to the smaller size still would not allow scrolling.
I have the same intermittent issue on OSX 10.13.5 with yEd (100).
same issue, consistently on macOS 10.14 yEd 3.18.2. mine sticks to the bottom though, not the top.
Same issue yed 3.19 Mac OSX 10.14.5. Two different computers.
2020: still having the same issue with the current version. HELP HELP HELP

We have received similar reports from other user (see e.g. BUG: Palette is not properly scorrallble or Palette isn't working anymore). Unfortunately, we have had no luck yet in finding the root cause of the problem.

If this problem occurs, save your current work and restart yEd. Instead of restarting yEd, hiding and unhiding a palette section (in "Edit" -> "Manage Palette") usually fixes the issue as well.

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I have the same issue. Yed 3.17.2 on Mac 10.12.3
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