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Custom Symbols Error on yED Restart

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my custom symbols got reset after restarting yED. I imported them from gifs into a custom section but everytime I restart yED, I see a big red cross in the palette instead of the symbols. Is there any way to preserve them?

The symbols pictures are stored locally on my hard drive. I have yED 3.17.1, Java Version 1.8.0_144.

Thank you!
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2 Answers

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How many custom symbols did you import and how large (width and height in pixel) are these symbols?

Try the following:

  1. Start yEd, open "Help" -> "About" and write down the path to yEd's profile directory.
  2. Quit yEd.
  3. Backup yEd's profile directory (e.g. copy the directory into your Documents folder on Windows or your home directory on other operating systems).
  4. Delete the palettes sub-directory from your profile directory.
  5. Start yEd.
  6. Click "File" -> "Open". In the file chooser dialog, navigate into the backup profile directory. Continue into the palettes sub-directory. In this directory there is a GraphML file whose name corresponds to the name of your custom palette section. Open said file.
  7. Create a new custom palette section. (You may use the same name as before.)
  8. Select one of the image nodes in the current document, right-click the node to open its context menu, and choose "Add to Palette".
  9. Quit yEd.
  10. Start yEd.

If the custom symbol now remains in the palette, you are probably running out of memory with all the customs symbols in the palette. In this case, the advice from How can I prevent 'Out of Memory' errors in yEd? may help.
Alternatively, store fewer or smaller images in your palette section.

If the custom symbols are not properly displayed after step 6 above, your palette file got corrupted somehow. In this case there is no way to retrieve your symbols from said palette file. You will have to import the image files once more.

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thanks for your effort.
When I try to open the backed up palette file, I get an error "yEd has encountered the following error: Could not import file xxxx.graphml. Would the stacktrace help?

I kept re-creating new palette and re-importing the symbols everytime I work with yEd, so it probably always gets "corrupted" for some reason.


Unfortunately, the stacktrace probably will not help. However, one of the corrupted palette GraphML files might shed some light on this problem. Do you mind uploading one here? Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for instructions on uploading files.

Hi Thomas,
thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, I cannot share this, publicly, since the pictures in it are protected assets. If there was a way to share it privately for you, please, let me know.

Please check your eMails for the account you have registered here - I have sent you a private message with contact information.
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The resolution (provided by Thomas from the support team) was to re-install my 32bit version of yEd to 64bit version of yEd (I am running on x64 architecture) and to set higher memory limits.

Thanks again, Thomas.
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