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Track Changes vs Version Control

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Hallo there,

how would you understand what are the changes before two different versions. Isnt it possible to introduce Track Changes, like for instance marking with red color all new inserted/deleted forms/texts.

Otherwise, Im not quite clear, how can I enrich a version control of a diagram file.

Best regards,
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1 Answer

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A partial answer is to consider that a graphml file is just a text file, and use any file diff / merge program to look at two versions.

It might be messy because XML is verbose, and because a file diff obviously doesn't understand the semantics of graphml, but it might be better than nothing. Try for example kdiff3 or meld, or FileMerge on Mac.

Even simpler is to use the "diff" utility on the command-line.

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Thanks, this could be one approach.

However, isnt it possible to make a feature, which allows graphical comparision ? For instance (as mentioned above already) : new/deletes objects to be dashed and colored red/purple.
sure, my suggestion was really a _partial_ answer, the only advantage is that you can try it with today's yEd. What you are suggesting is surely a good idea, although it might be not trivial to implement (just a speculation)
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