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Deselect all via escape key

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Hi there,

let's say I have a really large group node which contains lots of smaller nodes. When I work on these smaller nodes inside the group, I find it quite annoying that I have to zoom out for clicking the emtpy area to deselect all nodes. It would be nice if e.g. the escape key would serve as a "deselect all" function.
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2 Answers

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Now you can deselect by clicking edit > unselect all.
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Instead of zooming out, yEd provides the Grouping > View Group Content command (alternatively, you can also just double-click the group node as a short-cut), which lets you work on the contents of a group node.
You get back by using Grouping > Previous View.

by [yWorks] (23.7k points)
I don't think you get the point. He just wanted to deselect a node, which could be achieved by one keyboard shortcut. Rather, your suggestion invokes adding two more commands that requires like 20 seconds to finish. This solution is far from efficient.
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