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Having default path follow the file

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When I double-click a graphML file, and then do an export (or a Save As...), the default path to save the file is always the last used folder for the xport (or the Save As).


Is there a way to have the default path be the folder of the active document being exported (or Saved As) ?
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Supported as of yEd 3.17.1.
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How nice, can't wait for this version to go out. Thank you !
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Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to change this behavior.
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Well, then this could be a feature request. :)

Too often have I exported in the wrong project folder.
As of Nov 2020 this is still an issue. I have version 3.20

I don't understand how this is "not possible"?
When I drag a GraphML file from a file browser onto yEd or double-click a GraphML file in a file browser, the "save as" path and the "export" path do change to the thus opened file's directory. If this is not the case for you, please start a new thread with a step-by-step description of what you are doing, what you expect to happen, and what actually happens. Please also include the name and version of the operating system on which you are running yEd and the version of the Java runtime environment of which you are running yEd.

Moreover, my original answer meant that yEd did not offer a way for users to change its behavior in this regard. Of course, it was possible for us to implement a different behavior for yEd (which we did).
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I am using yEd v3.20.1 an it seems the default path is still wrong in the save-as diaglog.

When I try to save-as a file, the default (initial) folder path in the Save As dialog is the folder where any other file was last saved with yed. This is VERY annoying.

Lets assume that I was working with a file stored in D:/docs/project1/topic1/systemdiagram1.graphml. So I saved this when I finished working with it.

Then I open another file from D:/docs/project2/topic3/processdiagram1.graphml. I want to save this as graph as processdiagram2. It will open up the save as diaglog pointing to the earlier folder, D:/docs/project1/topic1/... I just rename the file as desired and hit save.

Probably I will have a hard time when I will want to find this again, since it is in a wrong folder!
Yes, the fix is not complete, as this happens frequently to me, too.
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