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Can I make the background color of the document be transparent?

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I have seen that there is RGBA to allow elements to be transparent, but when I go into the Preferences window and look in Background; and in color go to more; I do not see RGBA.

I want to put the graph, for example, in a document with a transparent background. This way, if someone prints the document on yellow paper, they will not see a white box containing the graph. They should just see the graph.

What I want to accomplish in the end is to export the graph to eps and have the background be transparent, while having the graph elements be visible.

Maybe I am overlooking something? Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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Would it be possible to just have no background for eps export? For matlab figures it is possible to export to eps without a background color.
Thank you

1 Answer

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Unfortunately, the only way to get a transparent background is by exporting to SVG, PNG, or GIF with the appropriate option selected (see tab "Image").
by [yWorks] (141k points)
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