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edit in more than one properties window, with a different lay-out

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A lot of the work I do involves editing "General->Text" and "Data->Description". There is a fair amount of copy-pasting between nodes involved. Unfortunately I can only edit the Text and Descriptions of one node at a time. Would it be possible to open properties windows (F6) for more than one node.

While I am at it: could the lay-out of the properties window be changed? Now everytime I click on another node, the window size and focussed tab is reset. I would e.g. like a larger editing area for "Description" and keep the focus on the "Data" tab.
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It is possible to edit text and description for several nodes at once. Simply select all the nodes you want to edit and then open the properties dialog (or use the properties grid in yEd's lower right corner).

As to your second request, well, that is already on our todo list. Unfortunately, it is rather low priority at the moment. Of course, enough votes for your request might change that. ;-)
by [yWorks] (159k points)
It is indeed possible to change whole fields for several nodes. But I would like to have several properties dialogs open at the same time so I can pick and choose what to copy-paste and what to change uniquely for each node.
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