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How can I add overlined label text using html markup?

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I'm running the Linux version of yEd. Using FreeSans font, I have attempted to add label text to an arrow line as follows:

<html><span style="text-decoration: overline">Label</span></html>

This results in no overline being added to the text "Label". If I add underline or line-through in the same manner, then the appropriate text decoration is applied as expected:

<html><span style="text-decoration: line-through">Label</span></html>

Any ideas of why only the overline decoration would fail to do anything?

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1 Answer

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yEd leverages the Java platform's support for HTML. Unfortunately, Java implements only HTML 3.2 with limited CSS support.
by [yWorks] (160k points)
Ok, thanks for the quick response! I did find a workaround where I'm using the Unicode combining overline character (U+0305) to overline each character of my label individually. It's not a contiguous overline but looks good enough (and better than adding a hash to indicate an electrical signal is asserted low in my diagram). e.g. <html>S&#x0305S&#x0305</html>
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