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Drawing goes crazy

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this happens after a short time, mostly after text entering (latest version i used)

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On which operating system are you using yEd?
On which version of Java are you running yEd? (See "Help" -> "About" for this piece of information.)
Which exact version of yEd are you using? (See "Help" -> "About" for this piece of information.)
Windows 10 64x
Dual Monitor Setup
Java 8 Update 111
Thank you very much for the additional information.

This problem does not seem to occur on our Windows 10 test machine - neither with 8u111 nor with the bundled 8u102.

Does this problem occur on your machine with the Java runtime environment that is bundled with yEd (8u102) as well?
This is happening to me, too, with yEd 3.19 using your embedded JRE 11.02 on Windows 1809 (17763.379). I suspect you aren't handling multiple monitors properly. The OP had two; I have 3 (and two of them are HiDPI).

Oh. I just saw that the problem has persisted several years. Guess I'd better use different software.

Thank you very much for the additional information.

Unfortunately, there is very little we can do. Unlike what you seem to think, yEd does not perform the actual rendering. This (as well as any special handling for multiple displays) is done by the Java runtime environment. As a result, problems like these have to be fixed in Java. If you are technically inclined, you can file a bug report with Oracle for this issue. (Since we cannot reproduce the issue and have almost no knowledge about your system, we do not have enough information to file a corresponding report.)

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I'm having the same problem after I updated to the latest version.

Also running Win10 X64, latest Java and latest yEd.

help -> about says:

yEd Version

Java Version 1.8.0_102


Edit: I just tried the portable edition (aka the one with the .jar file) and it's acting up too.
What version of yEd were you using before?
Unfortunately I don't remember, it's been some time since I last used yEd, about half a year I guess.
Same problem here
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I have now a second tool which has the same bug. Only these two java applications have it. Very strange.

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