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How can I export the information/NE names under one group/folder

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I have created a group of 300 NE(s) and when I go into that group/folder I can see all the NE(s) listed in the left side corner window called as " structure view".

I want to export all these node element node information into excel or somehow I need to copy all the NE names, I have tried to select all the nodes and tried to copy from structure view , but I was unsuccessful.

In the picture as shown on the left side corner, I want to export all the names highlighted in the blue color. Writing names of 5-6 NE(s) manually is easy , however, I have another folder which has 300-400 NE(s) and I am finding a solution for that.

Do you guys have any idea or suggestion to export the names of NE(s), any suggestion would be much helpful for me.


Keval Khara

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You can save your diagram to TGF file format, open that file in a text editor and copy the NE names from there.
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Thank you for your help.
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