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Where do such stylesheets exist?

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Thanks for your post Thomas. I work under the S1000D standard. And the fault isolation I'm involved with is the type associated to aircraft. In short, it is very long and tedious work. Therefore, your idea intrigues me a lot. If I understand it correctly, the  GraphML is the XML based langauge yEd uses to save all of the flowchart diagram info to. So your theory is a diamond shape (which represents a decision point in a fault isolation flowchart) can be targeted in the GraphML by a XLST stylesheet and then associated to a script in the XSLT that will automatically generate "YES" and "NO" text in the written fault isolation procedure output the XSLT processor generates. The complexity I can't wrap my head around is whether or not a XSLT stylesheet can be coded to match the S1000D fault isolation XML tags  to the graphic shapes yEd identifies in the GraphML file and somehow repurpose the text inside the diagram shapes. Is it possible to match S1000D fault isolation tags to the shape tags identified in GraphML and have this association output a fault isolation procedure as text? Where can I find an example XSLT stylesheet which accomplishes something similar to what I'm trying to do so that I can get an idea of how the XSLT coding works?  Any help will be appreciated.
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I do not think such stylesheets already exist. You probably will have to create one from scratch.
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