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Flowchart Export as Text

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Fellow Forum Members,

Is it possible in the latest version to draw an engineering fault isolation flowchart and then export all of the text in the flowchart as writing that reads like a fault isolation procedure? My need is to have both the fault isolation procedure represented as both a graphical flowchart and also as a written procedure.  Is yEd able to generate both a written fault isolation procedure and the matching graphical flowchart?  If the answer is no, is there an app out there that can accomplish this task? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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No, yEd is not able to generate a written fault isolation procedure.

The best you can do is probably trying to create a XSLT style sheet for retrieving the necessary information from GraphML and then run a XSLT processor over your flowchart GraphML.

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Where do such stylesheets exist?
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