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Import Excel

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I have a List that looks something like this


TAGNAME Description Color Height Descripton_Bottom_Right Descripton_Bottom_Left
Anna Anna goes for a walk red 10 15 Dog
Tim Tim goes for a walk white 15 20 Cat
Andreas Andreas goes for a walk blue 10 22 Dog
Sara Sara goes for a walk orange 20 23 Dog
Markus Markus goes for a walk green 5 18 Cat

and I want to import this Excel to yed.

I want my nodes to look something like this, (but without excel line)

Dog Anna goes for a walk 15

I can import it but all the texts land on top of each other.

How do I define where the texts are placed in the import?

Same thing with Edges. I have one text that I want close to the source and one close to the Target. How do I do that?

Can I use the Color / Height columns to deside shape and Color of the Nodes?


Thank you so much, I think yEd is great!



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1 Answer

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  1. Prepare a node where the labels are already properly positioned.
  2. Create a user-defined palette section and add your node as node template to said section.
  3. Prepare a properties mapper configuration that uses said node template and map properties "Description", "Description_Bottom_Right", and "Description_Bottom_Left" to the appropriate labels.
  4. In the Excel Import settings on tab "Presentation", enable option "Use Configuration" and specify your custom properties mapper configuration for option "Configuration".

Use the same approach for edges.

To apply color and height for nodes, add corresponding mappings to your properties mapper configuration.



To be able to create a properties mapper configuration, your diagram has to have custom properties. The easiest way to get the appropriate properties is to run the Excel Import once without a properties mapper configuration.

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