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Do not Scale Editing Points when Zooming

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Editing Points are changed in size together with the zoom level. When they get very little, one cannot hit them anymore with the mouse, resulting in problems with e.g. moving a line to a different node in a big graph. The Editing Points should not scale when zooming.

With "Editing Points" I mean the little black squares that appear when selecting a node or line, or the green circles used for bending lines.
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1 Answer

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Although a very sensible request, it is unfortunately not possible to implement this improvement in the version of yFiles (i.e. yFiles for Java 2.x) used for yEd.

More modern versions of the yFiles library (like yFiles for Java 3.x) come with this improvement already built-in. Unfortunately, the more modern versions of the yFiles library have a different architecture than the one on which yEd is based (meaning it is not possible to update to the newer version in yEd).
by [yWorks] (160k points)
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