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Can I change font size for whole graph in one go?

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asked Apr 20, 2012 in Help by anonymous
retagged May 29, 2012 by michael

1 Answer

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If at least one node label or one edge label is selected , you can select all other labels of this type with the command Select All (Ctrl + A). Then, you can change the font size, and any other property if you like, of all of the selected labels.
answered Apr 23, 2012 by michael [yWorks] (26,530 points)
Thanks Michael, but it doesn't seem to work as it only allows change of fonte family and fonte style. I still have an A3 graph with font too small to read.
Please check again, the Font Size setting is there as well; below Font Style is Underline, then Font Size.
Hi Folks,

this thread is a bit older, but helped me a lot. Works as describeb by Michael. Thanks so far.


Jan Wurpts
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