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Why not visible the special letters in chart exported to pdf?

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Dear Sir,
I am Hungarian and in our language includes some special letters like ö, ő , ü, ű, í.
I can use these letters when I make a chart, but all of disappear when exported to pdf.
I tried Text rendering policy as Plain Text and Plain Text with embedded Fonts setup, but the result was the same. The all special Hungarian letters disappeared in the pdf file.
If the policy is Vectorized Text than all is good. But the searchable text in the pdf file is must to me.
Do you have any idea?
Kind Regards,
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1 Answer

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Unfortunately, the library used in yEd for PDF export (FreeHEP VectorGraphics) supports only a very restricted set of characters when embedding text.

by [yWorks] (158k points)
Thank you Thomas,

Do you have any idea how can use my national letters?
Without this I can not use this really good graph editor :(

The only workaround I can think of is exporting to SVG and looking for an SVG-to-PDF converter that handles Hungarian text better than FreeHep VectorGraphics.
Is this the same library that has the problem with Wingdings?
If so, I'm considering creating my own font, with the relevant characters, so that the library can handle them. It would open up some interesting new possibilities. A simple node could have one of many different symbols in it!

This problem is unrelated to Webdings font does not display correctly. However, both problems manifest in the same way: certain glyphs are not displayed.

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