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Text <y:Nodegroup> doesn't appear

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My synthax is :  <y:NodeLabel alignment="center" visible="true" backgroundColor="#FFCC00">QAS1J001FRKILPRO7001_T192</y:NodeLabel>

But "QAS1J001FRKILPRO7001_T192" doesn't appear un my NodeGroupe Text, i wan't to "QAS1J001FRKILPRO7001_T192" be my tittle of node groupe.

Sorry, for my english, i'm french student,

Thank you!
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Is this really a yEd question? If so, text you entered in yEd should appear again once you load a previously saved file. Or did you modify your GraphML file in some way? How did you create your GraphML file?

this line is taken from my .graphml file generation, when I open yed, in the "Text" in the properties, normally my data should be put in, but she put only if you enter this data manually in the properties. this is the probleme...

I see. Would it be possible for you to upload your GraphML file here? (See How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for instructions on how to do that.) Without the actual file there is no way for me to find out what is going wrong.

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Thank you very much for the GraphML file.

The problem does not lie with the <y:NodeLabel> element.
The parent <y:GroupNode> element has to be a child of <data key="Node_creation"> instead of  <node id="..." yfiles.foldertype="group">.

That said, I recommend adding attributes autoSizePolicy="node_width", modelName="internal", and modelPosition="t" to  <y:NodeLabel> children of <y:GroupNode> elements.

Modified GraphML file.

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