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Can I Export from a Graph an excel-File

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i draw a graph and I want to export this graph like a excel file. Can you help me?
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Unfortunately, this is currently not possible.

The best you can do is ...
... export to/save as TGF (a very simple text based format) and then manually convert the TGF file into a CSV file which you open in Excel.
... save as GraphML and convert the GraphML file using XSLT into CSV file which you open in Excel.
by [yWorks] (161k points)
XSLT for export as Excel
This is interesting, though it's not entirely clear how to reformat the TGF file. It looks like it's a combination of node numbers+names, and a combination of source+target. There isn't any indication that attributes are saved, so I suppose one would have to text-edit the graphml file line by line in a spreadsheet.
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