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Strict grid snapping

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Macintosh User here on Mac Min, OS 10.6.8; Also a new user. Also new user but I think this belongs here.

In the Macintosh world ... when the a snap grid is activated it holds and holds FIRMLY,  When I look at yEd ... I see a soft snap grid and I find this irritating.  Even laying diagram blocks in place is a guess as to even if ALL four courneres are on the grid. lines are bit easier but still after a group move all the lines have to again be reset to the grid.

The grid issue becomes even MORE irratating when I move a group of objects to a slightly different position and the movement across the grid becomes a slide with no attachment to the Grid underneath

And little more ...  ... If I set a line down and I inidcate I want 90 degree angles on the connecting lines - the program ought to be able to generate such a line If I click box A and Box B.  Lines laid ought to be able to adjust for all x sides (and x corners) of the object being connected to.

And little more ... It would be nice to have line adjucts where one lays connecting lines from a line to a object.

So far the program looks good ... the grid and snap grid needs to be reworked so that it is tighter with better response.

Peter Kelley, St. Paul, MN USA

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