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Auto populate the Group Text Label

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When I create a set of groups, I expect the Group By values to populate the Text field for the Group, but all I get is the value 1 for each Group.

Is there a setting that I need to adjust or does it just always default to the value 1
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I am not aware of any "Group By" feature or even a "Group By" option in yEd. There is "Grouping" -> "Auto Grouping" which offers a "Group Label Text" option on tab "Presentation" and "Grouping" -> "Group" which groups selected nodes but does not offer any control over the generated label text.
When I say Group By, I'm referring to a column of values, that I am using to group the nodes.  The Group Label Text offers options of ID and Count, ID, Member Count and None - I was hoping that ID would return the value of the parameter in the text field at the top of the Group box, but all it does is place a value of 1, in each group?
Sorry - should say, I am importing data from a spreadsheet to create the graph and using one of the columns as my grouping column.
I am having the same problem as well. Was this ever solved? It works for me sometimes and not others. I can't seem to recreate the solution.
Yes, importing group names from Excel spreadsheets does work - see the thread linked in my answer.

If that does not help, post a step-by-step description of what you did along with screen shots of your Excel import settings and your spreadsheet.

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by [yWorks] (160k points)
Tried that, but still only got the value of "1" entered against the General text field for all Groups!?!?

Well, hard to tell what is going wrong with the information at hand.

If you upload a sample spreadsheet and screen shots of the Excel Import settings you are using, I will try to find out what the problem is.

Hi Thomas - thnx for persisting!  Where do I find the rich text box to send my response with images - I only have a plain text box here?? Do I need to use a different browser?

The sample file I am using just has 2 columns - column 1 contains "asset1", "asset2" etc and the second column just has "group1", "group2" etc.  When I open the file I select both columns as the data range, then column A as the Nodes and colummn B as the Group Node ID's.  Then on the Presentation tab, I select the Group column as Label Text.  The result is to get the assets allocated to their groups, and each node has the group name in their box, but the group box only has "1" as its text - all group boxes are the same.

You need to click "answer" below the original post to get the rich text box.
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