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Opening/closing a group that's part of a nested arrangement (undesired effect)

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1. I have two groups, one inside another (nested).

2. I open the inner group which is child of the other one (the parent containing it enlarges automatically to make room for the child).

3. Now I close the child group. The child returns to its original closed-state size but the parent group stays enlarged.

This behaviour is not expected, since the user has no option other than manually resizing the parent group. Is there a way to teach yEd to resize the parent automatically to its original state when a child group is opened and then closed?

Also a mere opening and closing of a group seems to be understood by yEd as a change in the file, which then prompts the user to accept saving the changes yes or not.

How can this be so and what can be done to change this unwanted behaviour?
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1 Answer

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Unfortunately, there is currently no way to change the "resize policy" when closing inner group nodes.

Changing the open/close state of a group is a geometrical change as well as a structural change. Thus, marking a document as "changed" is the correct thing to do after opening or closing a group node.
You could argue that opening a group and closing the group again without any additional changes is the same as opening the group and then undoing the last change. However, determining that a (manual) change is the equivalent of the undo step for the previous change is very complicated/expensive. Thus this is simply not done for performance reasons.
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Yes, I'm sorry to disagree with your argument. I think there should be a way to discern a real manual change after a mere opening/closing of a group when nothing else is changed. I sounds to me as an "IF" statement unless I am overlooking the real logic of it. But you know your product better than anyone, and on the part of the user remains only a wish to reconsider your view since your application is really a magnificent option.
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