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merge two nodes OR add a tooltip to a label

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I'm drawing a network diagram. I'd like to draw a server with it's IP addresses. I'd like to have a tooltip on the server, and another tooltip on the IP address.

The result would look like this :

  • Tooltip on the server node :
  • Tooltip on the IP address :

As you can see, I managed to achieve it. Only problem : I'd like to "merge" the server node and the IP node, so that if I move the server the IP address moves along.

It would be great if :

  • We could "merge" two nodes, so that they move together
  • Another way to do this would be using a label for the IP address instead of a node, but then I can't have a tooltip on it. So, another solution would be to add the possibility to add a "description" tooltip to a label

Is there a way to achieve this ? If not, is there any chance to get one of those features in the future ?

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