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How to import org chart from excel with photos

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Hi, I'm trying to create an org chart using data from an excel spreadsheet.  What I can't figure out is if there is a way to also import the photos for each person so that each node shows the person's name, role, and photo.  I'm on a Mac running yEd  If possible, where do the image files need to come from?  Thanks!
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Unfortunately, yEd is not able to automatically import images along with your spread sheet.

You can either manually display the required photo for each person by importing the required image as the person node's label icon or you can import each image into a user-defined palette section and then use the properties mapper to assign the appropriate image style to each person node depending on a specific custom property.
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Thanks for the response.  Can you please help me figure out how to do the second recommendation you had?  I have a user-defined palette.  How do I import a bunch of JPGs into it?  And then, how do I map each image to the custom property?  Ideally, I'd like to provide the filename (or other name available) as a custom property in coming from the spreadsheet.  So, then that custom property would automatically match up with one of the images in the palette.  Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Please see How can I use my own node symbols in yEd? for a description on how to import JPGs into a user-defined palette section.

Using the properties mapper requires some work:

  1. Create a new configuration for nodes.
  2. In section "Selected Configuration" choose "Multiple" for option "Template".
  3. In the "Mappings" table select the row that says "Template" in column "Map To".
  4. In section "Selected Mapping" add one row for each image you have. Specify the appropriate property value/filename in the first column and select the appropriate node template in the second column. Unfortunately, you will have to explicitly add one row for each image you have.

In my example, the custom property is named "File" and has one of two values "./img1.jpg" or "./img2.jpg".

Note, since the entries in the first column of the "Conversion Details" table in section "Selected Mapping" have to be chosen from a dropdown list, you need to first import your Excel file so that all the required values are available.

As of yEd 3.16 it is possible to use yEd's properties mapper to set label icons from file names (that are stored in custom properties).
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