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How to export large diagram to multiple page PDF?

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this question is related to another question (http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/8702/how-to-break-a-flow-chart-to-multiple-pages-for-export-to-pdf?show=8705#a8705), but the answer you can find there are still unclear to me.

using automatic splitting works, but how to control which part of a large diagram will be on each page of the pdf, need further explanantion, preferably with screenshots or a video.

If someone can show how I can export this diagram https://www.dropbox.com/s/nr1afny33x8roxl/Huidige%20sollicitatie%20flow.graphml?dl=0 to a readable pdf (+/- 8 pages?), please go ahead! i prefer screenshots or video instead of written instructions...

Thx already

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I found a work-around:

(1) Resize the window to show only the portion of the diagram you wish to go on a page.

(2) In PDF Export, Clipping tab, choose the Visible Region for the export.

(3) Repeat (1) and (2) to get all the individual pages.

(4) Combine these pages into one PDF document.
For me, I would export the entire content to PDF and use the splitting commands in the PDF-Viewer. Most viewers have powerful features, and if you have the entire region you are very flexible what you want to split and clip ...
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