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I would like to draw a free-form, closed object and fill it with color. See URL to example.

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I want to draw colored objects on my "swimlane" similar to what you see here: http://twimgs.com/ddj/sdmagazine/images/sdm9910b/9910bf4.gif

I can do it with bars/rectangles but what I like about being able to free-form it is that I can indicate, with a "higher elevation" how much more time is required or how much faster that part of the process is.  I can't do this with just a bar.

Can I draw a free-form shape and fill it with color?
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yEd does not support drawing free-form shapes.

If you need those, create the desired shape in a drawing application like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Microsoft Paint or Inkscape, save your free-form shape as JPG, PNG, or SVG and import said shape into yEd as explained in How can I use my own node symbols in yEd?

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