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How do I share my process structure on the web?

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Hi all,

I have made a rather complex process structure with multiple processes, having several sub-processes and then down to the activity level.

Now I would like to share this amazing structure with several people that has taking part of designing the processes in workshops. What is the best way to do that?

I have saved files of every level, but with multiple processes, having several sub-processes, I soon end up with 15-25 pdf-files. The same if I export as html-file, I only get the one on the screen when exported.

I would like to have it on the webb, interactively, so that they can click on the processes and dive into the selected process and so on.

Any suggestions of how to solve this?


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1 Answer

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The best way to share a complex, nested diagram is hosting the GraphML file alongside a note pointing to the yEd download page.
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so you mean that there is no way to get an interactive web page containing the process structure? You mean that they all need to download the yEd program and then open up the file?

Not what I wanted. It might work for a team of process designers, but not for general business people to review what they suggested on a workshop.

But it might be the only way.
Well, it is not the only way. In theory, your approach of exporting each sub-process does work. However, for complex diagrams this approach is very tedious as you have noticed. For a convenient solution, you will have to use a custom file format and a custom application that supports interactive exploration of your diagram(s). And yEd is exactly this custom application.
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