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Making dynamical adjustment of node size more useful when 'cropping' is active

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Hi guys,

first of all thanks for all your work on yEd. It has become an important tool in my day-to-day work.

This feature request concerns the dynamical adjustment of node size when cropping is enabled:

When dynamical adjustment of node size is enabled, changing the text of a label that's configured to crop/wrap the text will result in the node being resized. This can be very annoying when a node contains a long passage of text as every edit will resize the node to occupy several screen widths.

In accordance to the Q&A linked above, disabling dynamical adjustment of node size can solve this. However, this disables dynamic adjustment globally, making it harder to label nodes that don't contain multi-line text.

Because of this, right now we have to choose between having properly formatted and editable multi-line nodes and quick automatic resizing of simpler single-line nodes.

I can think of two ways to solve this:

- introduce a way to toggle dynamic adjustment of node size in the properties of a node. This would make it feasible to have a node type for longform descriptions and another for simple regular nodes.

- introduce a more intelligent dynamic node size adjustment that recognizes the cropping configuration when it's enabled and resizes vertically instead of horizontally. This would be the ideal solution, I think.

Thanks for giving this feature request a read.
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The long passage of node label text can be broken into multiple lines by typing Shift-Enter. So unless you edit those long passages continuously and extensively, it does not seem like a big headache to me.
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